Returns / Refunds Policy

In the event there is a discrepancy of quantity of products in the order received by a Buyer, a Buyer may submit a dispute claim to the dispute department via our Contact form.

Buyers are required to submit supporting documentation to validate their claim including manifests and photos within three (3) business days of receipt of the inventory.  In the event a Buyer fails to submit such supporting documentation, Buyer agrees that no such claim of return or refund shall be available to Buyer except as may be permitted by Wholesalelots in its sole discretion. Manifests consist of detailed documentation of all inventory received, and photographs must include photographs prior to unpacking as well as after unpacking.

A buyer must have a dispute on file in order for the dispute department to conduct any actions on their behalf.  Wholesalelots reserves the right to conduct an additional inspection at its own expense. If Wholesalelots, acting reasonably and in good faith, agrees that an under delivery has occurred greater than 5%, based on the listed retail value of the auction, will reimburse a buyer in an amount equal to the approved discrepancy.

Such reimbursement may be in the form of an offset against any amount you may owe to Wholesalelots or a credit to your account. Following the three (3) business day inspection period, a buyer shall no longer have the right to claim a reimbursement for under-delivery. Otherwise all items sold in the Auction are sold on an “AS IS” basis, without any warranty expressed or implied.

Failure to follow the above process will result in a denied claim.

Besides not received a product promised to you by us "the seller" to you, the "buyer" we do not offer refunds for any and all products sold by WarehouseLots LLC. All products are sold as is, and the act of purchasing product(s) from us is an agreement to these terms.