Are you open to the public

Yes, we are open to the public


How much are the tool pallets

We have many different sizes of Tool Pallets.  Please send us a picture from the ad or explain what type of pallet you are looking for.  We currently have a price sheet available for the Larger “Brand Only” Tool Pallets.  Example, all Milwaukee or DeWalt.


Do you do shipping?

Yes, we ship throughout the United States.  If you would like the item to be shipped to a location outside of the United States, you will have to arrange for your own shipping and payment must be made in full before the product leaves the facility.


Where are you located?

We are located in Austin, Texas (2216 Rutland Drive, Austin Texas 78758)


Can I come to the warehouse?

Yes, you can come to the warehouse.  Please call or text your sales representative and make an appointment so we can provide you with a quality shopping experience.


What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash (USC), Credit and Debit Cards, and wire transfer


What types of Tool Pallets do you have?

Typically, we sell the following product line.  Milwaukee, DeWalt, Ryobi and Rigid.  We also sell other brands as well, but please remember we are getting new shipments every week.


Do I need ID

If you are paying with cash we do not need identification.  If you are paying with a Credit or Debit Card, we verify that you are the cardholder.


Do I have to wear a mask

Currently we do not require a mask to be worn at our facility.


Can I buy just one item from the pallet?

No, we do NOT sell individual tools or permit anyone to take items out of the pre-made pallets. 


Do I get a discount if I buy more than one tool Pallet?

Please speak with your sales rep.  We do offer discounts depending on the structure of your purchase.


Do you sell truckloads of tools

Yes, we sell FULL & HALF truckloads of tools.  Please see your Rep


Do I have to pay Tax

Tax is collected on all purchases.  You DO NOT have to pay tax on an item if you have a VALID Reseller Certificate


Will you help me load my vehicle

We have forklifts and will bring the pallet to your vehicle so you can load the items.  If you have a pickup truck or trailer, we will place the pallet onto the vehicle, but we do not strap or secure it down


Can I pick the items and make up a pallet myself

No, we do not permit a customer to build their own pallets


Can I return a broken item or anything that is not working

No. All Sales are Final.  No Warranties or Exchanges