Bidding works like other online auctions.  All items have a start bid.  That is the minimum an item will sell for.  Some items may have a reserve bid, meaning a minimum acceptable bid amount.  If you are bidding on a lot and there is an orange icon next to the current bid, it means the reserve has not been met.  If it has a green check, it means the reserve has been met.  When an auction closes, it will say “You Won” on the item.  If it says, “You May Have Won”, you did not meet the reserve, so you didn’t win.  If you want to make sure you win an item, you should keep bidding up in increments until the orange exclamation point turns to a green check mark.  This means you met the reserve.  Our auctions are soft close auctions with 20 seconds between each close.  That means that at the auction close time, the first lot will start closing, and then 20 seconds later the next, and so on, until the auction has completely closed.  If a lot receives a new bid in the last minute, it will automatically add 2 minutes to the closing time, to ensure everyone has a chance to win.  We hope this is helpful!