Welcome to Warehouse Lots!


Warehouse Lots is your source for the lowest prices on pallets and truckloads of overstock, salvage, and returned products from brands and big box retail stores.

We scour the country, seeking overstock, open box and high-quality used items, then aggressively negotiate for the lowest possible prices from brands and retailers, other suppliers.

Why buy from Us?

  • We only offer genuine product.
  • We leverage our buying power to negotiate low prices, then we pass the savings to you.
  • We receive a variety of products ranging from home goods, furniture, electronics, and power tools.
  • We have facilities all across the US, South America, and Asia. 
  • We can source almost any product that you are looking for. If one of our locations does not have an item(s) that you are looking for, we will utilize our vast network of suppliers to find what you are looking for.