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Operating with Integrity

Being a customer-centric company at the core of our business we aim to provide a positive experience and build long-term relationships with our partners. Using our proprietary, in-house inventory tracking systems we offer up-to-date inventory and pricing for a variety of different client models.

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Full-Service Solution

Simple Verification

Using this model we simply verify the accuracy of the product manifest using a custom solution, inventory tracker, otherwise the shipment leaves the dock the same way it comes in. This model has the fewest touches and in-turn offers the best pricing.

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The Hybrid

Some of our clients prefer receiving certain product segments and would rather pass on others as their particular logistics or markets may not allow for them. The hybrid model allows us to combine, track and verify different product segments from several shipments into one outbound shipment.

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Custom Solution

For our partners that would prefer not to do all the heavy lifting, we offer a sort and settle approach wherein we sort product categories into custom built shipments and use a per piece, weighted-average pricing, meaning the client pays (X) per piece of like items.

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we remove the burden of supply chain

Steady Product Flow

We have well-established relationships with world-wide distributors of products ranging from Tools and Hardware, to Kitchen and Bath, Appliances, Premium Vinyl Flooring and more, that we’ve cultivated and nurtured through the years, using data-driven transparency, integrity in operations and hard work. With our super simple process we can consistently and reliably take you from selection, right through to receiving your product at your dock securely packed and safely delivered, quickly and efficiently.

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